Terminal Ballistics  
Load Data: .223 remington, 40gr v-max
Shot Angle: 290 degrees from gun
Range: 215 yards
Coyote Size: Average Female
Exit Wound: No
Organs Damaged: Both lungs & heart
Distance Travelled: Fell where shot
290 degrees
Reticle View
The view through the scope reticle (Leupold M8 fixed 6x mildot)
View from Stand
The view from the stand.
Dragging coyote
Dragging the coyote back to the stand for skinning. A drag rope comes in pretty handy here.
Coyote Hanging
The coyote before skinning. This is the backside as presented to the gun.
Entrance Wound Overview
An overview of the entrance wound. In this instance, the bullet struck the ribcage and fragmented explosively upon entry, creating a large gaping entrance wound.
Entrance wound
A little closer to the entrance wound. This is one of the instances I was glad I was shooting a bit more gun than the .17 reminton, as even with this degree of initial fragmentation off the ribs, there was enough kinetic energy remaining in the fragments to find their way into both lungs and to a small degree, the heart.
Entrance Wound
Detailed perspective of the damage caused by the bullet fragmentation.
Closeup of entrance wound
Closer still...in this photograph you can see the broken ribs where the bullet struck immediately on contact with the coyote.