Preparing to Skin
Preparing to skin a coyote

Coming soon! Instructions on how to get that hide off the coyote.  

Skinned Coyote
As far as I go in the field...skinned right down to the top of the head.
Hanging Coyote
The first step is getting the coyote hung off a tree/fencepost/pole/etc...this will make skinning much easier. A gusset (the wooden pole with small metal eyes 2 inches from each end) is just what the doctor ordered.
End of gusset through hawk
When cutting the slits for your gusset, pay extra attention not to cut the tendon. If you do, you will need to improvise another way to string up the coyote.
Cutting down leg
Slitting down the inside of the leg.
Working down the legs
Working down the legs.
Approaching the Tail
Approaching the tail. Depending on how well the skin is stuck to the coyote, you can often peel the skin away from the carcass by pulling fairly firmly with your hands.
Approaching Tail
Another perspective on approaching the tail.
Saw through Tail
For field skinning, I use a saw to cut through the tail bone. When I am back in my shop I will use a tail puller to get rid of the rest of the bones before splitting.
Down through tail
After cutting through the tail, I usually add a bit more brute force to the skinning technique....I force the skin off by pushing with my fist and pulling with my hands.
Saw through Tail

Pulling off fur
Pulling off the fur
Pulling off the fur
Keep pulling!
Starting to get difficult
This is where the pulling technique starts to get a little difficult.
Front Legs
For me, this is the most difficult part...pulling around the front legs will require some additional knife work where you will have to be extra careful not to cut through the skin.
Front legs, approaching head careful!
The gory part....:(
Here comes the gory part....I like to skin the head back in my shop where I can use sharper, more delicate tools in a warm and comfortable environment. This means I have to decapitate the coyote in the field....the saw makes quick work of this.

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