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80 kilometers west of Calgary Alberta, barren, sharp edged limestone breaks through the rolling foothills and rises steeply upwards towards the sky. The bow river has deeply cut through the heart of these mountain, scouring a channel that has been exploited by man as the basis for most of the access through this seemingly impenetrable wall of rock. One valley north of the bow, another river drains water from snow melting atop the fierce stone. This valley is very different from that of the ancient bow; the rivercourse is as if a phantom, drastically changing course from year to year, even from season to season. Aptly named, this watercourse is known as the Ghost River. South of the bow, another river snakes it way out of the fractured rock, meandering across the earth and out into the rolling plains where it too is swalowed by the bow.

These combined spirits flow through a rolling lanscape where dancing grassland intermingles with a thick, wild tanglewood. Through this fringe area of broken rock, grassland, and bush hunts one of the most sophisticated predators the continent has ever seen: the coyote.  

Coyote Portrait
The North American Coyote
Predator Hunting  

Learning how to call and hunt predators has been and continues to be for me one of the most rewarding of all hunting experiences. It can also be one of the most frustrating. Welcome to CoyoteCanada, which I hope will become an archive detailing some of the many wonderful experiences I have been fortunate enough to experience while hunting this perfect predator.  

Coyote baring her teeth
A coyote bares her teeth

Be warned! While I am going to try to paint a picture that illustrates perhaps just a sliver of the breath and depth of the wonder I feel towards the natural world, there will also be some elements which are certain to offend some. This site is intended explore in some detail elements relating to coyote hunting. There are going to be photographs of dead animals, bullet wounds, and skinned animals. I am not going to apologize in advance to those who take offense...I eat meat and wear fur. Killing a living creature is the cost associated with this. I mourn the death of every animal I kill, and garner a hefty and sombering respect for everything associated with the experience of the hunt: especially the lives and spirits of my quarry.  

Dead Coyote
A sad, very spiritual aspect of predator hunting: dead animals.

I am hoping that this site is going to remain a work in progress and will undergo many different levels of evolution. I will confess upfront that I am uneasy about many issues surrounding my predator hunting activities. Deeper into this website and as my predator hunting experience deepens, I am hoping to explore some of the more emotional and spiritual aspects of what is turning out to be for me an extremely spiritual journey rich with discovery and growth...and I am under no illusions about how difficult this is going to be.

If you are uneasy about some of these things, continue at your own peril or better yet, disembark. If not, then let's continue!  

Coyote Portrait
Out for a morning stalk.

Feedback is especially appreciated and can be given by sending mail to jason@coyotecanada.ca.  

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